IHS Builds Ecommerce Websites & Do Digital Marketing!!!

International House Splendor Builds an Ecommerce on a top-notch Ecommerce Platform where you can sell products and items in a niche of your choice or we pick the niche for you with fabulous products to your liking that are top selling!

IHS also does digital marketing in which we market your website on social media platforms such as facebook and twitter for example plus more social media platforms!!!

IHS also manages your Ecommerce website for a small administrative fee per month once your website takes off to the stars after 3 to 6 months of digital marketing to get your Ecommerce Website spotted by potential customers!


ECOMMERCE WEBSITE (One Time Cost of $2,000)

  • Product SKUs Module
  • Newsletter Module
  • Related Products Module
  • FREE - 1 year Domain Reg. 
  • FREE - Logo Adjusting/Editing
  • Up-to 6 Slides - Rotating Homepage Billboard
  • Website-Matching Blog 
  • Mobile Friendly Website 
  • Integration of Google Maps 
  • Create Google Business Page
  • Customized Social Media icons
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Up-to 5 - Revision Rounds
  • Contact Form to Collect Website Leads
  • Newsletter Module
  • SEO/Search Engine Friendly Website
  • Integration of all Social Media w/icons
  • Tell a Friend Widget  
  • 1 Customized Business Email (yourname@company.com)
  • Featured Product Module
  • Printable Invoice Module
  • Discount Coupon Code Module
  • Product Reviews Module 
  • Custom Meta Tags Module 
  • Tax Rates Management Module 
  • Weight Calculation Module
  • Guest Checkout Option
  • Auto Image Thumb Nailing / Resizing
  • Complete User/Order Management

1. you get 500 good selling products. 

2. you get a logo that you will get to take part in on the making of.

3. your website will have SEO running on it.

4. costs to you for maintaining it per month, that you pay is 50$-200$ depending on how deep you want to get into Ecommerce and get your sales rolling in and if you want 10,000 products on your website!!

5. you will get finance options for your customers to pay for your items such as paypal credit and many other forms of payments for your customers to select such as visa or mastercard for example.

6.  All this plus MORE thrown in to make your website sell for the cost of $2,000!!! If you want up-to 10,000 products or more, then you will have to notify IHS by email below.

*** there are some prerequisites to becoming an online retailer in the USA; please contact us for more information on this if your serious about starting your Ecommerce business. ***

for more information, email us at:




For starters, International House Splendor will manage your ecommerce website that we build for you. Note that we do not manage websites that have been built by another agency.

this includes fullfillment of orders made by your customers, and we will provide excellent customer service to your customers if there are questions that have for example. also we will track the orders and notify your customers to when they will get there product(s). PLUS MORE.

GOLD PLAN: 300$ per Month

  • 24/7 Up-time Monitoring

  • SEO Review & Tweak

  • Post monthly blogs

  • Website Hosting (You don't need to pay annual hosting)

  • One-Time/Update on Home Page with new Events/promotions

  • Adding Up-to 20 Products (If eCommerce)

  • Up-to 20 Shopping cart product/price updates (If eCommerce)

  • Monthly Security Scan 

  • Email and Phone Support

  • Timely Support & Updates

  • Quarterly monthly backups

  • No Lock in Contracts. Cancel Anytime (with two weeks written notice)

DIAMOND PACKAGE: $600 per month

  • 24/7 Up-time Monitoring
  • Keep your website up-to-date
  • Post weekly blogs
  • Website Hosting (You don't need to pay annual hosting)
  • 3-times/Update on Home Page with new Events/promotions
  • 3-Custom Banner Designs
  • Adding Up-to 100 Products (If eCommerce)
  • Up-to 50 Shopping cart product/price updates (If eCommerce)
  • Monthly Scan for Broken Links
  • Monthly Security Scan 
  • Priority Email and Phone Support  
  • Timely Support & Updates
  • Quarterly monthly backups
  • SEO Review & Tweak
  • SEO (Back-Linking, Optimization, Recording & Reporting)
  • Site Visitor & Traffic Recording  
  • No Lock in Contracts. Cancel Anytime (with two weeks written notice)



International House Splendor also does Digital Marketing where you set up a monthly budget that fits you and we take that cash and put it to work on Facebook by building you a facebook business page and run facebook ads to targeted potential customers for your website!

1. we post 3 posts a week on your facebook business page

2. we post 3 posts a week on twitter page

3. we post 3 posts a week on instagram

4. we run facebook marketing campaign for 3months for 600$  or 6 months for $1,000, plus the amount of money you want to spend on the cost of running those ads on facebook.

***please note that  you should have at least 300$ per month for those facebook ads. cost***

wait, theres more to offer you and we will update this content to best meet your needs! for more info or to inform us of your digital marketing needs, please email IHS at: