International House Splendor 5 year in business

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      The very formation of this business was conceived from a concept, and a hobby. Of course, some might ask why this was a hobby when its a formed USA business? The answer is quite simple; Myself as the founder/Owner of IHS reverted to Islam, shia twelver denomination and became serious in religious knowledge; Religious studies at an international university, based in Iran, in the province qom, the holiest city in Iran and a religious centre, is my ultimate aim. Thus this business/hobby, profits will be for Islamic religious activities, including interfaith etc and religious obligations Godwilling. 

      The year 2022 marks the 5 year anniversary of International House Splendor LLC. IHS will continue to strive for our customers, of course, when religious duties are caught up and have spare time for this E-Commerce hobby.

      Thanks to all the people who visit our website daily and we appreciate it if you have ANY kind of comments or suggestions, please let Us know by replying to this blog post. 

     This business will be sold once it reaches a one man compacity, so if you would like to buy this business and have me as a consultant for you, please email IHS at

Much appreciated

IHS Owner

Mr. Rabah A. Islam

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